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3680 Otter Point Road
Sooke British Columbia V9Z 1H8

250.642.3671 or 250.642.2131

ALM Organic Farm is a 15 acre organic farm located in Sooke on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. Certified organic since 1994 (IOPA#401), we believe that by growing organically we contribute to the health of the environment and of the people who eat our food.

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ALM & Full Circle Seeds Farm Blog. Information about how to grow food & seed organically

ALM Organic Farm 2015 Plant & Seed Sale

Mary Johnson

Our annual sale features a wide variety of vegetables, herbs and flowers both annual and perennial perfect for gardens big or small as well as a full offering of our Full Circle Seeds collection. All seeds and plants are certified organic and grown on site. Farm staff will be available to answer your questions. Bring the whole family to come see the farm and purchase plants directly from the growers!

How to make the most of plant sale!
Before the Sale

 Make a Shopping List

  •  Look over your garden space and think through what types and varieties of plants you want and quantities of each.
  • Check out our website Full Circle Seeds to browse our seed offerings.

Come Prepared

  • The sale runs 10-2 (no early birds please) and many popular varieties sell out fast. Come on time to avoid disappointment.
  • Carpool with a friend.
  • Allow plenty of time to look around, browse and talk to staff
  • Please remember to bring cash or cheque-the farm does not accept credit cards at this time. 

After the Sale

Planting & Continued Care

  • If you’re not quite ready to transplant, keep your seedlings well watered in a sheltered environment.Make sure you’re putting the right plant in the right place.
  • If you’re unsure of planting method and care, ask a staff member at point of sale or do some research online.
  • Your plants will need some protection from wind and cold.  Floating row cover or a little tent made out of a large milk bottle with the bottom cut out and the lid off or even a newspaper folded into a little hat for the first day or two makes a lot of difference.
  • Observe your plants over the coming weeks to make sure they are thriving.