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3680 Otter Point Road
Sooke British Columbia V9Z 1H8

250.642.3671 or 250.642.2131

ALM Organic Farm is a 15 acre organic farm located in Sooke on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. Certified organic since 1994 (IOPA#401), we believe that by growing organically we contribute to the health of the environment and of the people who eat our food.



Slow Flowers

The giant commercial flower industry has the same problems as big agriculture food production.  As society today purchases over-processed, low nutrient foods that were grown by low paid workers and have traveled 1000's of miles to reach our supermarkets, we also end up purchasing bouquets which were sprayed with pesticides, planted and harvested by underpaid workers and shipped from southern to northern countries.  We take these bouquets into hospitals to cheer up dear friends who are recovering from serious illnesses or to wonderful family events to celebrate new life.  Let's rethink how we feel about flowers we put on our dinner tables as we have about the food we put into our mouths. 

At Market

You can find our Organic Bouquets at our tables at the Moss Street Market in Victoria and the Sooke Country Market. 

Custom Orders

We would love to help you have Organic Local Flowers for your special events such as:

  • weddings
  • anniversaries
  • celebrations of life

At our Farm Store

We make up fresh bouquets on Tuesdays which are available for pickup for the rest of the week.  Phone or email ahead for your first visit to the farm so we can show you our farm store and how to make purchases.