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ALM Organic Farm is a 15 acre organic farm located in Sooke on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. Certified organic since 1994 (IOPA#401), we believe that by growing organically we contribute to the health of the environment and of the people who eat our food.

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Movable greenhouse and planting strawberries

Mary Alice

We moved our 20'x50' greenhouse today.  It took about 45 minutes.  We had to get a brace for the front and tie the back together with a rope, take off the bags of rocks we use to weigh it down so the wind won't blow it away, hook chains to the two side runners (3" angle iron), and the pull with the front end loader of the 21 horse power tractor.  I wish I had video taped it.  We'll do that this fall when we move it again for winter crops.

It was dry enough I could till the bed for onions and another for beets.  I also Moved 55 yards of Sea Soil on the new property so we can transplant parsnips for seed and plant sweet corn later in early May.

The crew got ready to transplant in strawberries on Wednesday.  They tilled in lots of compost, alfalfa, kelp, rock phosphate, gypsum and then top dressed with Sea Soil.  We use a heavy 3' landscape fabric to cover the rows for weed control.  We'll plant the 2' paths with white clover and keep it mowed with a small lawn mower.